EuroBike in 2011

From the 31st of August, 2011 until the 3rd of September, 2011 the biggest bicycle exhibition of Europe has taken place again this year in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
Our company – as a 5 year-old jubilee exhibitor - could not have missed this year’s exhibition either of course, and we appeared with an imposing, 100 square meter stand, open from 3 sides, in the huge A6 hall just next to the test court, where naturally you could try several bicycles of the 2012 electric Gepida bicycle park.

The monumentality of the exhibition surprises us year by year, you can find everything here that is connected to bicycles and you can find all the people at hand who deal with bicycles or just know someone who has already seen a bicycle. Thus there was quite a good turnout with our team, which was proved by the bustle at our stand during the exhibition.

The great Gepida hit of the year 2012 is going to be unambiguously the electric bicycle, and we are going to produce several versions of it by expanding the electric family of 2011.

Our Retro line has received an outstanding attention as well (S3, S5, S7), which we secretly expected, because these machines truly came off especially nice and it is a pleasure seeing them rolling down from the production line.

You can find several innovations, improvements and ideas in the rest of our bicycles; it is worth having a look at them on our web site, or ‘live’ in the shops.
Thank you for the interest of those with whom we had the opportunity to meet and talk personally at the exhibition, and those we could not meet are warmly welcome to any of our in-house exhibitions.

Have a nice ride in 2012 as well!

The Gepida Team