Gepida bikes were radically transformed in the course of 2009. The most obvious changes are the updated coloured and more attractive designs that make the bikes stand out from the crowd. There is no ostentation, just mature clear cut design boasting harmonising pastel colours. Amendments of our frames can be seen when examining the bike more closely.

The Gepida drop outs can be easily noticed on all of our premium models. Its main peculiar is installed with disc or V brakes installing points which can be found on the bike. We protect them inside the box by the seat and chain stay. This innovated idea has radically reduced the risk of damaging the brakes through shipping. Perhaps next season we’ll install the disc brakes on more of our models.

We decided to build this possibility into several models to give our customers the option of equipping their Gepida bikes with disc brakes. The upper mediator of the rear seat stay was completed with an extra strong piece which makes it much more consistent. Furthermore there are two different processes on how to fix the mudguards. The simplicity of the plastic mudguards can be installed and removed easily or can they can be fixed to the bike permanently. No need to think about using brackets or converters for the mudguard as they can be fixed directly to the spanning bar which has been designed to accommodate this on the horizontal and vertical calibres.

We have received great support on the designs of our frames using a state of the art designing programme which was made possible by our very professional colleague Kornél who showed us his proposals with a 3D version before we could test it live. The geometry of the frames were calculated and designed by using a modelling process & design programme we have invested in. We tried to define our frame tube profiles avoiding similarity with competitor’s models. Accordingly we designed a special five angle half tube set which is unique to Gepida.

We hope our novelties will meet your expectations and hopefully several GEPIDA bikes will be seen on the roads.